mercredi 3 octobre 2018

Etang Garbet and Pic des Trois Comptes

Another trip upto the Etang Garbet and beyond, this time with Jasper. An earlier start and cooler weather made for a faster pace and reached the Etang bleu in about 2h 30.

Bearded vulture

Another 1h 30 following vague cairns over granite slabs saw us on the ridge at point 2539m.

Closely overhead clouds of turbulent clouds were racing past and after climbing up 50m we went from calm balmy weather to bitter sub-zero. We put on all our layers, hats and gloves.

We didn't stay long on the summit (2626m) before scrambling down in the direction of Puntussan. Numb hands and bitter cold lessened our desire to press on and on reaching the col we trekked back to point 2359m. (I'd already climbed Puntussan in a bit of an epic adventure in 2007).

A long descent back to road  by the same route made for a 8h 30 trip.

Having separated the rams from the ewes and lambs before we went to Italy, we needed to build another shelter for the ewes. They seem to like it.

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