mardi 9 octobre 2018

weekend work

Ordered at the beginning of the summer the new window for the south gable (bedroom) finally arrived. The old window had a cill higher than head height, so we couldn't see out and had always leaked, so the project had been on the cards a long time. 

It took some time to carefully lower the wall, especially as the house is built without mortar, one huge granite block had to be split in-situ as removing it would have lead to a collapse. 

The old timber lintol had to stay as it holds up the wall, so the uprights of the new oak sub-frame had to be made to fit into the existing mortices of the old ones (which were removed as they were now too short). The new oak assembly weight about 150kg so ropes and pulleys were brought into action to hoist it into place, the window was fitted just before a storm arrived.

We were completely watertight by noon the following day. Just some internal tidying up of the wall and finishes to do. The bedroom is much brighter and we can now see mountains, trees and the garden...and reach to open the window when required.

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