mardi 31 décembre 2019

3 post Christmas walks

It was a warm sunny Christmas day and after the customary smoked salmon and cream cheese on toast breakfast with champagne and opening our presents, we settled outside for games before cooking Christmas lunch with the kids over skype (they were together in Bristol). John, Sandrine, Hannah and Saskia came over for drinks and ping pong.

Both Susie and I have put ona few pounds so we decided to give up alcohol for the rest of the month and January, eat a bit less and try and get more exercise. This we have started straight away with walks every other day.

Cap de Bouirex - a first stretch of the legs for boxing day, crampons useful on the névé near the summit.

Susie has two fleeces on under her top, she hasn't put on that many pounds!

Etang de Guzet and Cascade d'Ars - We decided to this in reverse (anti clockwise direction) to avoid the crowds who just visit the cascade and also to make the most of the long steep ascent in this direction. A good workout and again crampons needed crossing the couloirs on the decent to the waterfall. So busy watching out for Susie who is fairly new to crampons, that I made the school boy error of catching a crampon point in my bootlaces (which have been tucked away) face planted and nearly tumbled down the mountain. A blooded knee was my punishment for not practising what I preach.

Crete de Balme from Col de la Core - We going to do Tuc de Coucou, but at the last minute changed our minds because of a late start. Col de la core is snow free and rather than visit Etang d'Eycheil we thought we follow the ridge. It's been a while since I've done this. We didn't quite make the summit as Susie didn't have her ice axe and in the conditions it wasn't safe to continue. 

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