mercredi 8 avril 2009

Guzet (ski)

With 30cm of fresh snow having fallen yesterday, a quick trip to Guzet this afternoon seemed like a good idea (even though it's been closed a few weeks now). Unfortunately the snow proved to be very heavy. After breaking trail to skin up to the top of Picou, we tried to descend what is normally the black run called Coombe. Trying to move forward even on steepest parts was difficult and turning more difficult still. The snow stuck to our skis and tried to set like concrete. At one stage I fell over and couldn't move for the weight of sticky heavy snow on top of my skis and it took me some time to release the bindings before two handed I heaved to withdraw the skis from the snow. I wouldn't want to be avalanched in this stuff!

Il y a 30cm de fraiâche, et une court visite a Guzet a semblé un bonne ideé ( malgré que la domaine etait fermer depuis trois semaines). Malheuresment on a trouvé la neige tellement lourde et tellement humide. Après avons fais l'ascension de Picou, Ian et moi avons essayé de descendre un piste noir, mais la descent etais très lent et difficile. La neige a collé à nos skis et solidifié comme béton!

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Anonyme a dit…

i can see how warm it is from the slide opposite in the photo. Gotta love the old quick-set concrete..good for ankle breakage. Only one answer,stay home