lundi 4 janvier 2021

Tuc de la Coume

After the snow and continuing cold weather a chance to get out in it on skis and snowshoes. As Sheri and Michiel, Becks and Kev, don't have 4x4 we started from Navée above Ercé, rather than driving in from Cominac on the piste which always snowed up. A bit more ascent to make but we donned skis/snowshoes from the car.

Very cold until about midday, when the sun made an appearance and began to warm us. The summit was very chilly with a biting wind so we descended quickly for lunch in the sun a little above the trees.

The first 50m or so of descent wasn't fun to ski as the snow was compacted by the wind and a little crusty but after that is was glorious!

Our lunch spot

 Telephoto of our tracks close to the summit taken from just above Quélébu the following day.

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