dimanche 5 juin 2011

Slow progress

A couple of days of torrential rain - time for finishing off jobs at Pont. Alun and Breezy are back and dropped in to see the progress at Pont.

Today was warm but humid...progress was slow but the addition of scaffolding has helped.

3 commentaires :

Madisonian a dit…

Wow, amazing progress from lots of hard work on your several projects. Out of curiosity, any thoughts of insulating inside the stonework or under the floor? What's the favored wall and floor assembly for restoring old farm houses? :)

Lee Sharp a dit…

Lime and hemp inside finish to walls...no insulation as such. The front wall faces south-west and even in winter the mass (70cm thick) is a good absorber (daytime) and re-emitter (night-time)of solar gain. The other stone walls are internal or "underground" (ground is at first floor level to rear). An extension will abut the building to the north - that's timber frame and well insulated. I'll put insulation under the slab and of course the roof and gables are insulated too.

zaloette a dit…

An admirable work you do Lee!

Kind regards,