dimanche 26 juin 2011


Bathroom window
Terrace balustrade
New colour scheme for downstairs bedroom
New colourful shutters

Super hot today over 38 degrees C in the shade! Working at Pont which is slowly grinding to a completion but there always seems to be another thing that needs doing...still the loft hatch, a cupboard, some varnishing and stair to the garden from the terrace...then final clean, strim and remove rubbish from the barn before it's finished.
Another neighbour put their car over the edge last night, this time the Celine's brother (last time it was her sister). Unfortunately, driving under the influence is pretty endemic here. A few weeks ago my neighbour's son was killed by a hit and run motorist - probably a drink driver. Makes me fearful for my loved ones.
A trio of airbus planes flying overhead in formation a few days ago (A380 on the left).

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