mardi 28 juin 2011

Blood, sweat and tears

Wallplates in place, purlins ready for lifting in a few days time and the two doors from Jasper and Ruby's bedroom into their shared bathroom morticed and tenoned in place.Third day on the trot of incredible heat and humidity. Finally in the early afternoon the mist rolled in and the thunder started. Mostly drizzly with a few short lived heavy showers. Despite the progress a hard tiring day of low motivation. The heat at night and the slow recovery of a neck injury from 5 weeks ago have made for some poor nights sleep recently. I have the valley almost to myself as both John and Sandrine and Philippe and Celine are away on holiday.

Tomorrow a trip to St Girons for materials and food then back on with Pont.

I wish Google would get their fingers out and fix the recent problems with posting photos on blogger.

2 commentaires :

penny a dit…

Why the low motivation? Thought you were on a roll with the extension?

I've not been having any problems posting photos on Blogger ....? Sure it isn't your connection? Congrats on the progress, by the way - looking good :-)

Lee Sharp a dit…

Just tired with the heat and humidity.
Blogger problem is that when you hit the upload photos button nothing happens - you have to publish the post and then use edit to get it to work. It was on bloggers "known problems" list but they say they've fixed it, which they haven't!