mardi 20 mai 2008

Pigs in Space...!

Well one sheep in St Girons actually. Una's leg was looking decidedly manky last night and I decided a trip to the vet was necessary (or the abbatoir!). After hurredly making an animal transporter out of my trailer and an old chicken run last night, I loaded the sheep this morning and gave her the guided tour of St Girons. The vet (female) was very sweet and quickly inspected the wound. Nothing broken, perhaps a tendon 'nicked', too late to stitch, but the wound in her view healing OK. Some antibiotic injections for me to give the sheep and some antiseptic spray for regular wound cleaning and all should be OK.

After some dreary weather for the past week, things are brightening up now and today has been lovely - tomorrow a (long over due) day in the mountains.

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