jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Shin splints

A short time before Christmas I started running again, after a five year lay-off. Although I've done 2 half marathons, I've never considered myself "a runner". All started well but now I am beginning to suffer shin pains (which was one of the reasons why I gave up I now remember). After a couple of miles my shins hurt, I feel myself running flat footed, it feels like my forward foot is already swinging backwards before it hits the ground and when I stop to try and stretch, I find I can't pivot my foot upwards from the ankle. Any advice would be most welcome.

On Tuesday night I had a pleasant evening with Magnus, Anne-France, their children and briefly Serge (Danni his wife was unwell so he had to leave early). Yesterday I was hunting for the first time in ages and today I finished the pointing for the first two attic rooms at Pont de la Taule. Next week I can make a start with insulating the roof, building the studwork and plasterboarding.

Another balmy day, 25 degrees in the sun this afternoon.

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Thanks for passing by. The drinks were great and no dog hairs were needed.