dimanche 6 décembre 2020

First snows of winter

The first snows have been arriving at Quélébu over the past few days and will continue during the coming week. Just a few inches at a time, but enough to make everywhere white and put a base down in the mountains for skiing.

The sunny breaks give us a chance to go sightseeing without much cold weather gear.

Below 600m there's no snow to speak of.

Before the snow hit I set about adjusting the injection timing on the tractor as it's not been running as smoothly or powerfully as before the rebuild. Whilst trying to loosen the fuel pump I broke a fuel line which couldn't be replaced until a trip to St Girons the following day...end result was doing the work in short breaks between snowstorms (as the tractor was parked outside!). In the end the injection timing was OK but the duration had to be increased...easily done and now it's running perfectly.


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