jeudi 22 décembre 2011


Horray! The central heating is working. It was bloody frustrating as we had to fill and drain the system three times before we found all the leaks - only three leaks which wasn't bad considering the total number soldered joints. I still have a permanent cold water feed and all the hot water to plumb but that can wait. The house is warm and cosy and after the snow and torrential rain of the last few days. We found a xmas tree in the woods and with the Rayburn working we had a lovely pork roast last night. Today off for a bit of snow shoeing!

3 commentaires :

Al & Breezy a dit…

Hi Lee,
Pleased the heating works OK, not sure about the tree growing in the corner.
Have a great Christmas
Love from both of Us

Tony & Jo a dit…

Hi Lee & Suzie
Only 3 leaks! - should have used the flux as for the gutters. Still, looks cozy now. Time to stop and enjoy for a while. Have a peaceful Christmas.

gabriele gray a dit…

I love the photo of Susie sitting in the window seat...somehow it marks the completion/realization of so much that you've written about on your blog.
I keep coming back to look at makes me feel warm and good and happy--happy for you, for her, and for myself because it's good to be happy with simple things.
Thank you for sharing so much with us, your readers.