jeudi 2 août 2012

Pic Seron (7)

Whilst the aching legs have been recovering it's been all go here at Quelebu. The last flight of the staircase is underway (strings complete), the field in front of the house has been cleared of braken, copius amounts of chanterelles have been collected, the Olympic badminton tournement here has been on-going and about 1 tonne of firewood as been relocated and stacked in the wood shed.
Yesterday we'd planned a trip to a mountain lake, but Ruby was feeling under the weather, so in the end just Jasper and I went. We changed the itinery and headed for Peak Seron. It was a lovely day and a sea of clouds chased us up the mountain but we managed to stay above it for most of the day. The views to the Etang d'Aube far below were spectacular. We saw a bearded vulture and single wild marigold high on the mountain. Jasper is getting into mountain climbing now and showing that he's pretty strong and determined.
Bearded vulture

Jasper high on Pic Seron

The final ridge to the summit

Etang d'Aube

3 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

you are my Olympic hero Jasper! love auntie koala xxxxx

jennie a dit…

looks like you are all having such a fabulous time! Jaspar climbing those mountains. Brilliant! Jealous? moi? as for the shrooms - guess you have already eaten them and they look just like an oyster mushroom would to me my eye. So you're probably not in the local you all. Jen

Lee a dit…

We're still alive : )