mardi 3 décembre 2013

A chance meeting

A trip to Foix this morning, to the prefecture, to change the name on my driving licence from Inglis-Sharp to Sharp. Which was very straight forward (am I getting used to french bureaucracy?). As I walked back to the car I heard a shout of "Lee!" and there at the door of a café were Donna, Sheri and Sam! Old friends who I hadn't seen in the flesh for a couple years and by chance all together. Was good to catch up over a coffee.

I called in on Minsou on the way home, who was in fine form and we chatted over a glass of Port.

It was a glorious afternoon and even though there is snow everywhere the temperature in the sun was in the mid-twenties...the advantage of living so far south. Spent the late afternoon painting the bedroom ceiling white.

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