mardi 2 juin 2015

The weather has been lovely and hot with clouds clearing early in the morning then slowly building again in the late afternoon....this afternoon we had a torrential downpour but it only lasted 40 minutes or so until the heat returned. 

The fields are full of flowers - orchids, ox-eye daisies, sorel, rattle, etc

I spent a morning having a good clear out in the woodshed, cutting the huge pile of small wood into kindling and re-stacking the logs to make room for the two wood working machines that have been in storage at Pont since I bought them for a song about 5 years ago. I cast a concrete slab to support the bigger 5 in 1 machine.

The field down in the woods which has been much neglected is destined to become my "edible forest garden" soon. I spent a morning topping it with the scythe -  a surprising amount of grass under the growth on the upper two terraces.

Work - trying to sign off Gilbert and Nicole's barn conversion at La Trappe and finishing the plastering and painting around the windows here at Quelebu has kept me busy.

Loading, moving and unloading the machines was destined to be a job and a half. In the end it took 2 full days a lot of grunting and the purchase of a 1/4 tonne winch to move them on rollers, on and off the trailer.

Tomorrow I'm heading for Pic Crabere - it's the western most peak in the Couserans and amazing that I've not yet climbed it.

2 commentaires :

Penny Walker a dit…

Oooo, a forest garden? Great news! If you haven't already, you must get Martin Crawford's book called (funnily enough) Creating a Forest Garden - find it on Amazon. It's my absolute Bible, full of great design and plant ideas.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Have it already, his garden is about 400 yds from our house in Dartington, he's giving us a guided tour on Friday.