mercredi 29 juin 2016

Escape to Europe

After the disastrous UK vote to leave the EU, I have escaped the depression and the UK to home in France. The kiwi plants have finally got going and there are even a couple of flowers though I think it will next year before we get any fruit.

The chanvre-chaux is still drying, probably another 4 weeks at least. In the meantime I've pressed on with second fix electrics. The ballast and cement have arrived to concrete the floor of the garage now I've levelled it a bit more and there's more plasterboard to finish the enclosure for the shower and under stairs cupboard, which I transported to the barn just before the heavens opened with a big thunderstorm.

4 tonnes of ballast and a tonne of cement

2 commentaires :

Julian a dit…

....Monsieur Lee.....with you on the shock, despondency and depression of the Brexit result....However, I would'nt be surprised that after negotiations in Brussels and non acceptance of EU demands to continue trading in the EU, a general election is on the cards and an opportunity for a second referendum....lets hope...Jules

Lee Sharp a dit…

Good to hear from you Jules...I try to steer clear of politics on the blog, but sometimes it slips out. If only the media would stop trying to assassinate Corbyn we might have an opposition and a more thoughtful, intelligent one at that. Theresa May as PM? - Thank God I'm leaving before that happens!