vendredi 26 août 2016

No posts for a couple of weeks as we've been busy, busy, busy - packing, selling and generally organising our departure from the UK.   This old sheep trailer which I bought on ebay has also been occupying my time as it needed complete rebuilding. It now has new axles, brakes and coupling, so should get our stuff down to France safely.

Back on Monday for some trekking with Susie, Jasper and Ruby in the Ordesa canyons, then a final return to the UK to take Ruby to University before we leave for good!!

3 commentaires :

Anne a dit…

Great news!!!

Sophie and Davy on narrowboat K&A a dit…

Would be lovely to catch up, tried your old email address but no longer works :( lots of news. Sophie, Davy and wee Ben on the canal x

Lee Sharp a dit…

Hi Sophie

Use the "contact me" link on the blog for e-mail. Saw that you had a little boy and were doing some yoga teaching...Susie is doing her yoga training in the Spring.