jeudi 5 janvier 2017

The north wind does blow and we shall have snow...

Snow forecast for next last! I hope there's enough to help the local ski station as there's no snow there at all at the moment.

After New Year I had a nasty stomach upset that seems to have stripped my gut of all its bacteria. Everything I try to eat, however basic gives me stomach ache. Pressing on with the gite regardless, but temperatures are dropping - so maybe a proper door is next!

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gabriele gray a dit…

I'm sure you're eating yogurt but you might consider cabbage as well. Whether raw (slaw salad) cooked or preserved or even juiced, cabbage has something that really helps straighten out digestive problems. There are dried cabbage pills as well, but the food itself is usually the better 'medicine'. A local beer or two might help. My go-to cabbage is kim-chi but it's spicy which may not be good for you and probably not available locally. Hope you feel better soon.

On a more positive side, the photos of the progress on the gite were shows a logical progression but part of my mind keeps remembering the original 'before' photos. It's unobtrusive but the blue used in the upper level seems so right and satisfying. Guess you must have felt the same way when you'd put it on and it dried.