mercredi 9 août 2017

Devils fingers

Clanthrus archeri or "devils fingers"

Now the hornets nest is safely removed I've been able to finish scything the top terrace of the field opposite Phillipe and Celine's which was very overgrown. Like most the meadows at the moment there are quite a few devils fingers emerging - alas not edible!

Plenty of mushrooms that are though. Last night we filled the basket with chanterelles, hedgehog of the woods and horn of plenty...and then went back for seconds finding a delicious little juicy beefsteak fungus. We decided to preserve our haul and after briefly cooking them in white wine, vinegar and herbs, which shrunk them considerably and has hopefully enhanced their flavour, we packed them in a jar with olive oil.

The recent damp overcast weather seems to be retarding the ripening of our tomatoes, and has killed our melon, though we got three delicious fruit from it. Raspberries are coming on stream soon and there are a lot of aubergines starting to form.

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