mercredi 9 mars 2011

Pont progress

The stairs
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 4

After several long days at Pont, the plasterboarding and insulation in the attic is at last (98%) finished. The back of work in the attic is at last broken and in a few weeks it should all be finished and the 4 bed property with barn and double garage on the market. Just in time to start the build at Quelebu!
The good weather continues

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zaloette a dit…

Bonjour Lee,

Well, may I take the maison into account for a future move into the Pyrénées? When will it be available on the market? Is it near Quelebu?

Well, a lot of questions. Have a nice day, and congratulations for the great job you make.

Antonio (just a Spaniard in love with France & The Pyrénées)

Lee Sharp a dit…

Hi Antonio, it should be finished in about a months time. It's not far from here, about 5 mins from the town of Seix and 20 minutes from Guzet Neige (ski) and 25 minutes from St Girons. Closer to the mountains, you can see the Spanish frontier from bedroom 4, but it doesn't haven't the amazing view of Quelebu but not many places do.(If it did I'd be living there not here!)

zaloette a dit…

Wow Lee! The description sounds great! We hada the chance of buying a property en La Seoube (Vallée de Campan) two years ago, with an amazing view of Midi de Bigorre... I remember going there in May, with a wonderful scenery of snow-capped mountains and green pastures everywhere.

I wish we could visit your place this Summer.

Regards from Spain. Antonio