dimanche 15 mars 2015

After three viewings at La Falaise interspersed with more painting and varnishing it was time to spend a few hours on Quélébu - making shutters for the bathroom window.

Most of the week has been glorious sunshine (20 degrees +), but rain on Friday gave way to snow on Friday night. Heavy snow showers have continued all weekend. I suddenly realised at 2.30 on Saturday that my next trip here with the family sees us arriving on Good Friday. In France 'holiday' means 'holiday' (they don't even do Sunday trading) so the first four days here would be with shops closed. A mad dash to the supermarket ensued to get food for us all. On the way back I noticed the screen wash in the car had stopped working, then the battery went flat! Transpires the Suzuki has the washer fluid in the same duct as the electrical wires. The pipe had frozen and the expanding ice plug had disconnected a pipe joiner. I could see the water dripping from the rear of the car but to get to the connector involved removing the bumper, rear lights, wheel trims, rear seats, interior trim, rear seatbelt and taking the skin off my knuckles....all in the ensuing blizzard. Nice.

Sunday afternoon a trip to see Justin (who has just returned from Toulouse Hospital after back surgery), Emily and the twins. I gave them a break by taking Myla and Thea upto the Col du Port in the blizzard for some major snowball fighting, sledging and snow-bear making. 

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gabriele gray a dit…

Hi, don't know if the two locations are that close for you but Huit a 8 has a store in Castillon-en-Couserans open Sunday 8:30 to 12:30 and Intermarche has a location in Cazeres open Sunday 9am to 12:30.
The Intermarche in Pamiers has been advertising in AriegeNews about their Sunday hours (fuel also I believe) although it doesn't show on their website.
The Carrefour in Lézat Sur Lèze is open Sunday 9:00 to 12:00

I was in Chartes Easter weekend (didn't want to stay in Paris) before heading south; one of the hypermarches was open Sunday (yes, even EASTER sunday) from 9 to noon or so). So maybe some of the stores I've listed will be open on Sunday...if you really needed something...
Hope it's a great break for all