mercredi 11 mars 2015

Works at Pont continue...lots of painting and today strimming and the creation of a fence. It makes the house feel more private and hides my neighbour Philippe's temporary pile of building materials for his on-going renovation.

This evening the sun set twice...either side of Cap de Bouriex.
Tomorrow the planners (DDT) to discuss their u-turn on my barn/gite conversion.

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gabriele gray a dit…

When I saw the wall, a line from a peom came into my head: "Good fences make good neighbors." (from Robert Frost's Mending Wall.
Walls are good; for privacy, protection, establishing boundaries and for adding to the character of a space and in a similar way, saying something about the person who has it. It completes the space it encloses in a way.
Your neighbor Philippe will benefit because it could make him better organize his materials..or if he wants to be untidy, he won't feel open to criticism.
It will reduce noise.
More work for you, more costs. But in the end I think it will make the house more attractive and the fence might be just the thing to change a 'maybe' to a 'yes, we want it' I hope so.
And the door. But now it's more than a door. Not the doorway at the back of the closet but still, an opening to someplace special.
I imagine you'll be updating the photos on the house listing...and THAT door deserves special attention.
Hope the meeting with the planners was to your benefit.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Thank-you Gabriele, your comments are always so insightful.

The window in the door and the fence cost about 200 euros in total and took no more than a day for me to construct and install...but the difference it has made to the house is immense, I don't know why I didn't do these two things first!

Two viewings today and another tomorrow, fingers crossed.

The planning problem is all procedural - as it often is in France. I just have to resubmit the same design in two stages to overcome the interpretation of a clause in the Plan d'Occupation des voila!