mardi 4 août 2015

Back in France...yippee!

Back to France and it's hot and humid. My strimmer which has been lacking in power for a few years now received some more attention on arrival....I've already changed fuel and air filters. The carburettor was rebuilt without effect then I removed the exhaust, only to find it clogged with carbon. A good clean and voila it's like a new machine!

On Saturday we went to the market and touched base with Justin and Ian. John and Sandrine came over in the evening and after catching up we arranged to go for a walk the following day with Sandrine into the valley above the cascade d'Ars.

We went upto the Etang de los Truitos but it was a bit too cold for swimming so we just sunbathed and dipped our feet.

The next day was super hot and the humidity built all day...eventually the weather broke and we had a big thunder storm in the evening and through the night.

Today has been a bit cooler and cloudy. I collected some firewood for La Falaise (the new owners arrive tomorrow for a stay prior to signing the contract of sale). I spotted a bat roosting under the bathroom roof.

In the evening we went for a mushroom hunt and despite most the locals (even Paul!) telling us there were no mushrooms because it was too dry, we filled our basket and had an amazing chicken and mushroom risotto for dinner.

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