samedi 29 août 2015

Susie away

Susie decided to head off to Mont Valier with Sandrine, Saskia and Sophie. As it was a girls only trip I stayed home and got on with maintenance. We had finished the terracing the day before, so next was some tree felling and hedge laying next to the barn.

A large oak in front of the barn had been a worry so it had to go, as did couple of a field maples. This opened up the views to south hugely. Some hedge laying along the chemin and felling an overstood coppice of hazel completed the transformattion.

The three terrace field below the woodshed was also in desperate need of scything it took another day and several evening of burning the cut brambles, grass and saplings.

Finally the field in front of the house which Saskia's horse and companions have been grazing also needed topping...a long hot dusty day ensued. I managed to get the tractor grounded on an old chestnut stump that I missed in the long grass, but I eventually managed to free it with the chainsaw.

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