lundi 11 janvier 2016

Wood and weather

The materials for the barn finally arrived today. I transported the insulation and some of the smaller section wood to the barn by hand and by tractor. The wood in the picture below is still to move. I need to build a wood transporter to save my back.

A trip to St G for provisions, oil for the car and tractor, some cement and to see the D.D.T (planners). Apparently our commune (Aleu) is now under the Reglementation Nationale d'Urbanisme, so the old Plan d'Occupation des Sols (zoned land-use maps) are obsolete. Applicants must now make their case and await the decision of the statutory consultees...interesting times.

By the time I got home it had turned decidedly cold. The wind (of change) is blowing and the sky is clear...snow is on it's way!

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