dimanche 31 janvier 2016

Some poor weather at the weekend slightly hampered progress, but the biggest problem was that the beams were too short! I ordered 3m lengths but forgot that the upper timber clad part of the barn gable is set back from the stone face. Also, here in the Ariege you must state the lengths of timbers ordered from the sawmill to the nearest metre. Usually if you order 3m you get 3.1m or 3.2m sometimes 3.3 or more. I ordered 3m and for once I got 3.0m!! I needed 3.09.

I don't have time to re-order, so after some searching I remembered I still had the remnants of the H.T overhead power cable assembly that came down in the 2012 snow storms. I cut it up to make some shelf angles, reducing the span sufficiently. I added a few extra bolts for lateral restraint and beefed up the bearers to stop them twisting. Not my first choice, but it works.

Lifting the ridge beam was also problematic as it was heavy, the ladder short and sky hooks were in short supply! Sandrine arrived just at the right moment and whilst her and Jasper hauled on a rope attached to a pulley in a sling looped over the gable apex, I climbed a ladder with the beam on my shoulder, somehow it was manhandled and nailed in place!

Today (Sunday) Jasper had a day off, whilst I tried to get the remaining beam, rafters and some volige in place in mostly pissing rain. 

Tomorrow is our last day and we need to get everything watertight, might be a tall order!!

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