samedi 10 novembre 2007


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The roof is more or less finished and looking great. Today I helped Christof and Szimon move all the materials, tools and scaffolding to the barn whilst Tadeus worked like a demon 'finishing' the thatch. After all the recent hedge laying and the days in the mountains I'm feeling pretty exhausted and am looking forward to a long nights sleep in a warm house. Tomorrow the guys are back here working as there is a spell of poor weather later in the week and they want to make the most of the good weather now. I'm going to be cooking them a boeuf bourgignon as a thank you for their hardwork.

4 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Lee,
Enfin ! te voila prêt pour passer l'hiver au chaud... tant mieux car les nuits doivent commencer à être froides.

Lee Sharp a dit…

Moins deux hier nuit, mais j'etais bien au chaud.

Anonyme a dit…

Lee, what is the ridge made of?


Lee Sharp a dit…

Matthew asked the same thing. There huge clay tiles - the traditional ridge finish in most of Europe (France, Holland, Belgium, etc) and it lasts longer than the sedge used for the ridges in the UK.