lundi 2 novembre 2015

La belle France

Flight times have changed so rather than arriving at lunchtime, I now arrive after dark, which feels strange. Weather is beautiful and mild (29 in the sun yesterday) and the only sounds are dry leaves rustling and acorns, hazelnuts and chestnuts falling.

It's another trip with lots to achieve (are there any other?). After servicing the septic tank, it was straight on with making the last opening in the barn. It's a bit like a giant game of jack straws except with 20kg rocks! Pull out the wrong stone and there can be a seemingly unending collapse. One can't make the whole opening in one go or the whole barn might end up as a pile of rocks, so it's slow work, building in frames, propping and reinforcing as you go.

Meetings with the plasterer for Gilbert's barn conversion at La Trappe today, ErDF (electricity board) tomorrow, Jean-Christophe later in the week (a planning permission for another house) and (at last) the Notaire for the sale of the house at Pont next Wednesday. Hopefully Jeanmarc Sentenac will be able to do terrassement around the barn next weekend and next week I'm planning on casting the ground floor slab in the barn...phew!

2 commentaires :

Philippe a dit…

Hello Lee,
What's kind of material for your ground floor ciment or slaked lime?
if you want i can send you the recipe, for the slaked lime and (bille d'argile). it's good for manage moisture eventually.
Bon courage,

Lee Sharp a dit…

Beton je pense. Mais chanvre chaux pour les murs si il n'est pas trop froid c'est printemps, je n'ai pas trop de temp!!!