vendredi 6 novembre 2015

Digger day!

Hedge finally finished. 

Jeanmarc came at 10.30 with the digger. He started by taking out the three chestnut stumps. They'd been felled 20 years ago but were each over a meter across. The first one popped out without a problem but the other two took about an hour and half, with a lot of cursing and swearing. Each weighed about a tonne and was a ball about 4 feet in diameter. The rest of the work was then fairly straight forward.
You can see a couple of the stumps in this picture from 2007. the small one on the right popped out but the big one behind the fence on the left of the barn has another one the same size behind it, and they were the difficult ones to get out.

He left at 4 and the rest of the digging will have to wait until the spring but I was very glad that he managed to squeeze today's effort in at short notice. Alas he wasn't able to bring the aggregate for the concrete floor, So I'll have to try to get it delivered early next week, then transport it bit by bit to the barn or make 10 trips to St Girons!

First there's there the barn floor to dig out and the door way to got bashed by the digger during stump removal so will need some more work.

The old outside loo will need some steps (it's a metre above the ground now)

doorway now walk through-able, prop put back as a precaution

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