mardi 10 novembre 2015

More Digging!

After 2 days of digging and pick-axing through stiff clay and solid rock and extracting about 90 barrow loads of rubble, I have at last dug out the barn ready for the concrete floor. The 6 tonnes of ballast and 700kg of cement arrives on Thursday and I must move it the 75m from the road to the barn that day if I'm to have any chance of pouring the slab before I leave at 5.15pm on Friday! I had planned to fetch the insulation, DPM, drainage, etc in St Girons tomorrow and install it the same day, but I suddenly realised at 4.00pm when I was sat in the notaire's office that tomorrow is Armistice Day and so a national holiday in France. I hastily managed to get the materials before everything closed and had to strap the insulation to the roof of the car as I hadn't taken the trailer.

At the notaire's (Grig, Villanou, Seguy) I finally completed the sale of Pont de la Taule, it took them nearly 8 months to prepare the documents for a straight forward sale. To add insult to injury they'll hold onto my money for another week! Next time I'll go to Toulouse.

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gabriele gray a dit…

I went back and looked at all the photos which led up to this set. To see the simple open space without knowing what went into the 'emptiness' doesn't do the work justice. And in looking at the oldies, I could see where the chestnut stumps had been and their size relative to the barn/gite.
I don't think it's wrong to find pleasure in other people's accomplishments and following your site and the house/property's growth expansion developing charm and beauty, well it reminds me of all that I appreciate about France (not having had to deal with officialdom) and with mountains and rural living.
Thank you for sharing it all.