mardi 6 mai 2008

Walnuts and St George

More scything (never ends in the spring / early summer) then some guitar - the new piece is progressing well. In the afternoon I took the two pieces of walnut trunk to the local sawmill at Biert to get them planked for drying. After an hour of faffing about with blocks, ropes and levers to try and get the two trunks in the trailer, I ended up using brute force and just picked the things up - powerlifting can be fun. Reckon they're knocking on 200kgs each. After 4-5 years of air drying the wood will make some nice chairs.

This evening I found some St Georges mushrooms (Calocybe Gambosa) in the woods which made a nice omelette for tea. Wild flowers aplenty at the moment especially orchids which are prolific here.

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