dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Upper Dart circuit

With a lull in the stormy weather today, Susie and I headed off for a walk around the upper Dart. Starting at Poundsgate we descended to Newbridge on the two moors way, before following the Dart up through its narrow steep valley. We watched the canoeists descending the river which is currently in spate after all the rain and saw quite a few capsizes in the difficult section at long island. 

We then ascended the Venford brook to the reservoir. Shortly after climbing the hill beyond the reservoir I realised I no longer had my camera and had to run back for half a mile or so, but fortunately found it on the ground. The rain returned and when we got to Dartmeet we found the stepping stones fully submerged and the river impossible to cross. No alternative but to continue to Hexworthy adding another 2-3 miles to our walk.

Crossing another tricky stream required both the walking poles to aid balance and when Susie threw them back to me one fell in the stream and was immediately swept out into the Dart. I chased it downstream for about four hundred yards and eventually managed to throw a branch at it, diverting its path towards the bank where I succeeded in reaching it from the bank.

The long diversion graced us with the sight of a 5-6 lb salmon or trout jumping from the river, a green woodpecker and some flying ducks!

The walk up the road from Dartmeet was a bit of a drag but we made it back to the car just before dark.

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