jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Another mild day here. I started with some clearing up of fallen trees, a job which will occupy me for all of tomorrow, then it was off to meet tendering contractors for Nicole and Gilbert's barn conversion at La Trappe. In between times I managed to plaster the wall behind our bed.

Then it was off to Pont to try to meet with my tenants. I'd received a letter from C.A.F. saying that having reviewed their case, I would no longer be receiving rental payments (C.A.F. currently pays me their rent direct). With four children I can't see how they would lose their entitlement, so either they've decided to move out this month (without telling me) or they've been defrauding the gov't or they're trying to get the rent paid to them instead or C.A.F. have made some kind of administrative error!

No-one was at home but I did get a chance to look through some windows and the place seemed in a pretty sorry state...very upsetting. It's virtually impossible to forcible evict tenants in France so I really hope they're moving out. Evidently they haven't paid an electricity bill since May so maybe it's been cut off and now they can't live there any more? I just wish they'd communicate with me. I left another letter asking them to contact me urgently, I can do no more legally until the rent is 3 months in arrears.

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