vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Really missing my camera : (    
...(and Susie of course!!).

Weather has been beautiful today and I've working outside all day, clearing up some of the many fallen trees and using them to make fence posts and repair the damaged fences. Most of the trees are big and either hung up or in a tangled mess with half a dozen other trees...dangerous work. There are still a few to tidy up and some to fell which are standing but damaged beyond saving and often with torn boughs dangling dangerously out of reach...they can wait until later. The chemin between Pinsou and Aleu has quite a few trees which have fallen right across it, so it's impassable with the tractor, they'll have to cleared later too.

Got a message from my tenants saying they're not moving and that C.A.F say the rent should be paid as normal? I will have to wait and see what happens.

Tomorrow is my last day here, so hopefully a ski or a day in the mountains.

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