mardi 7 janvier 2014

Forgot my camera this trip, so apologies for the poor 'mobile phone camera' images.

A soirée with the neighbours last night - Galette de Roi...a frangipan tarte the french eat on 12th night which has a little china figurine hidden inside one of the slices. The lucky person who gets to wear a paper crown.

Today after a little bit of fence repair it was off to St G to get sand, cement and plaster. Bumped into Ian on the way and we've pencilled in a skin up, ski down morning at Guzet.

The wall behind our bed was gunned with concrete (like the living room walls), so now after nearly ten years at Quelebu I've decided to plaster it! This afternoon I got a coat of render on it, in a few days I'll plaster it.

I finally managed to transport (without damage) the bejewelled lampshade for our bedroom which I found in Totnes market.

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