lundi 19 juillet 2010

Annus Horribilis

It's official, 2010 has been an unmitigated f***ing disaster.

The latest 'kick in the balls' is that the 180 bales of hay in Paul's barn have got mildew. The whole lot will have to be thrown out and burnt. Seems the heavy rain which soaked the bales ruined them for good. Only the 138 bales of second quality hay in Larcher's barn looks like being OK for the winter.

C'est officiel, 2010 a été une catastrophe!

Les 180 balles de foin dans la grange de Paul ont eu le mildiou. Le tout devra être jeté dehors et brûlé. Semble la forte pluie qui imbibé les balles sont les abimes. Seuls les 138 balles de foin dans la grange de Larcher ressemble à être OK pour l'hiver.

4 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Breathe ......
Still 6 months left

Lee Sharp a dit…

That's what I'm afraid of! A big day in the mountains tomorrow, always feel better after that.

lynda a dit…

Why burn it? Offer it to someone who wants it for compost...on site only, of course.

Lee Sharp a dit…

In fact I haven't burnt it, I just dumped it in one of the ruined barns next to the barn in which it was stored, where it'll rot away. I have plenty of compost from regularly mucking out the barn - enough for me and my neighbours. It's 3km to the village (where only a handful of people live) and about 20km to the nearest town. I'm afraid transporting it doesn't make any sense (180 bales is a huge volume) and there are plenty of farms in the valley nearer town who will gladly give away good rotted manure for free.

There are loads of piles of branches from the devastating snows in May which are really difficult to get burning and I may yet use some of the ruined hay as kindling to get the fires going in the autumn.