The Fields

Here is a quick map to show the fields in my little small holding.

Field   Area (Acres/ha)    Description
1            0.42/0,172               Steeply South facing, still some persistent bramble and nettles
2            0.63/0,255               Steeply South facing with two terraces
3            0.56/0,226               South facing, the first field I cleared, good pasture.
4            1.58/0,745               Ancient West facing pasture
5            1.03/0,487               Ancient West facing pasture with apple trees and some birch
6            0.76/0,308              A lot of bracken but should be like fields 4 and 5 with work
7            0.61/0,247               Full of bracken and thorn but undergoing improvement wooded on three sides
8            0.48/0,195               Two West facing terraces surrounded by woodland.
9            0.84/0,340              Paul's field, South-West facing and in the woods but good pasture
10          0.30/0,121              Larcher's field full of bracken

 The buildings are as follows:

A - Quélébu
B - Quélébu Grange (Gite)
C - Paul's barn "Le Sarrach"
D - Larcher's Barn.

Pretty much everything outside of my 10 fields is broadleaved woodland of varying degrees of maturity.