vendredi 14 avril 2006

Rayburn unloading

I arrive at 3.00 and get to work straight away dismantling the efel cooker, like the rayburn it doesn't really break down and weighs an absolute tonne but using the scaffold pole rollers and some planks, plus my felling lever (a sort of giant crowbar to help fell trees) I manage to get it out the door. I back the trailer down the steep bank to the door (thank heavens for 4 wheel drive). It looks a difficult job getting the rayburn out of the trailer. I elect to 'phone a friend'. I call John and Sandrine but they have visitors so promise to pop over tomorrow. Philip and Celine are away. Hmmm... I 'ask the audience' what should I do? Oh well lets give it go!

Wow the wonder of mechanics - levers, rollers, mechanical advantage, gravity - I manage to unload and install single handed. Not only that, but the whole process is achieved so effortlessly and with such style - I was reminded of one of those elephants in a circus which does amazing feats of balance. The 380 kgs of cast iron gliding effortlessly from it lofty perch in the trailer, through the front door and into the kitchen! Currently its sitting straight on the floor but I think it needs a couple of paving slabs under, it as it feels a little low. The mark around it on the floor is where the efel used to sit - need to clean and revarnish.

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