samedi 17 février 2007


The storm raged on until the morning, but it was a good test for the new chimney (it didn't blow over!). Though not exactly pretty, particularly as I currently still have the old chimney too, it is necessary for the new thatched roof.

Spent the rest of the day tidying up field 4, clearing the last few trees and general chainsaw work. Tomorrow rain is forecast but if it doesn't arrive I'll start installing fence posts.

Philippe and Sophie (my most ardent blog followers) have arrived from Paris and are staying with John and Sandrine, no doubt there'll be some more work on their project and maybe some more tree felling and firewood?

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

You seem to have many readers, but not so many comments ;). According to the statistics, we are number one now! I have been reading through your blog with interest, about half way now... So courageous to settle in such an "hostile" countryside! Can't help being a bit jealous. We have a house in La Trappe and have been playing with the idea of settling there... Is life really as good as it sounds? (Except for Orange...)

Lee Sharp a dit…

I am enjoying life here very much, it's been hard work sometimes, but always rewarding. It was a big change from the previous 10-15years of my life in the UK.

Living in the Pyrenees is something I've wanted to do for 20 years...when you have a dream, you HAVE to make it come true...some take longer than others!