samedi 12 mai 2007


The house

The barn

Been lovely and hot for the past week (in the low 30's) and I've been mostly rebuilding and glazing windows from the latest property project. Having sold the flat in Bath, I've bought a house and barn in a little hamlet not too far away from Quelebu. The structure is weathertight and sound but everything else needs doing - septic tank, plumbing, electricity, kitchen, bathroom and decoration. The price was unbelievable and too good to resist. The plan is to renovate it next year (mostly) and then rent it out.
Still no news on the planning permission, I think I'm going to have to do the chasing myself as the Mairie in Aleu have failed to do so for the past 3 weeks.
Have had a blocked ear and awful earache for a couple of days (which has driven me mad). So today I syringed it. Wow, I never knew my little ear canal could hold so much wax. Still a bit blocked (I think it's a bit inflammed) so hopefully tomorrow all will be back to normal.

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