lundi 2 juillet 2007

Barn update

The stone walling to the barn is now complete and the first of the formwork is in place for the concrete which will top the wall. I'll pour the first 5m length tomorrow.
The first Ceps and Chanterelles where picked this evening and will liven up my steak (together with a little garlic).
A fox is prowling around so the chickens are confined to quarters for the next week or so.
Deer have devastated my leeks, though they left the brussels and carrots.
Also saw a pretty big whip snake (1.5m long) basking on the wall of the ruin. The bedroom window stays shut tonight!

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Anonyme a dit…

Tu as bien avancé dans tes travaux cela a dû être épuisant avec la chaleur qu'il fait en journée... Je te souhaite bien du courage pour finir la rénovation.

A bientôt,