vendredi 5 octobre 2007


Today had an autumnal feel to it. The leaves are beginning to turn, I harvested the maize and carrots (a mouse beat me to about half of them!) and although it's still warm the day was cloudy and in the late afternoon a thunderstorm. As the roofs are finished, I began work on the stairs to the barn - digging out the clay and then assembling the stonework. It doesn't have to carry any load or be watertight so it's fairly easy compared to the barn walls.

We have a good apple crop this year so the pigs get plenty to eat. The field had some parasol mushrooms in it today so I had plenty to eat too.

2 commentaires :

Sally Townsend a dit…

I'm going to go hunting for mushrooms this weekend, if I don't return you'll know I got it wrong !!

Lee Sharp a dit…

The best time will be in 2-3 weeks time just after the full moon. There's not many mushrooms about at the moment (generally it's been a poor year because with no snow last winter the ground is dry at depth - but when the ceps finally come there'll be loads!