vendredi 25 avril 2008

Another full day

Another beautiful hot day and tomorrow is set to be better still. An early start saw me finishing the path clearance all the way to the stream and clearing out the culvert. A final finishing cut with the brush cutter and it all looks pretty neat. There are two big trees which lay across the path still to clear but at the moment they're easy to step over. I spliced some rope to make a hand rail which goes around the big oak to ease this tricky passage.

Before lunch I planted the cabbage and cauliflower seeds in some seed trays - I'll transplant once they've germinated.

In the afternoon - I went to Pomt de la Taule, rehung the shutters which are now painted and scythed the land around the house.

Then in the evening back to the stream where I started to clear it of all the branches, leaves and other blockages which have reduced it to near stagnancy. It became quite addictive and by 9.00pm (to the sound of crickets and still in shorts and T-Shirt) I'd cleared it to where it drops steeply to the main brook and it was flowing like - well like a stream ought to.

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