jeudi 9 février 2012

Bathroom refurbishment well underway

After some more fun and games the car is now fully functional again and this time with a spare key!

Works got underway with the bathroom refurbishment. The bath was 5' 6" long, so I had to remove a full height built-in cupboard to fit the new slightly longer 1700mm bath. The usual problems - breaking the old cast iron bath to get it down the stairs with a hammer caused some ringing in my ears, all the plumbing turned out to be in old imperial sizes, and the walls around the bath were mostly tile adhesive on cardboard, and not square to the bath!

I replaced the cupboard with lower open fronted unit to hold towels (built mostly from the old removed cupboard), have plumbed in the new bath a shower tap and replastered the missing parts of the wall....just wall tiling, the shower screen and redecorating to finish the job.

Back to France soon where the snow has at last started falling - looking forward to some skiing at last!

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