mardi 24 avril 2012


Back to France and a bit of a monsoon yesterday. Today the weather has been improving though it's still very cold for the time of year. Al's here with me for a week.
Lots of DIY to do, trying to get the house ready for the wedding in about 5 weeks time.

One of La Panchard's sons put his flock of sheep in my fields whilst I was away. I don't mind them grazing the land, but he can't be bothered to move the sheep from field to field or use the gates. Instead he cuts the wires, or un-fixes the wires from the posts and ties them up, or pulls up the fence posts. It's really irritating as he never puts the fences back or repairs the damage he causes. I spent most of today fixing the fences and there's still more to do. He doesn't have a phone so I can't even ring him up to complain.

2 commentaires :

zaloette a dit…

Neighbours Lee!!!! it's always the same with 'em... true???

Well, it's good to see snow still in the mountains.

When you talk about wedding I guess it's yours! Congrats!


Lee Sharp a dit…

yes married in 3 weeks time!