lundi 28 mai 2012

Back to France! Bumped into old friends John and Helen Martin at Bristol airport which was a pleasant surprise as I haven't seen them in 6 years.
Arrived home yesterday to a jungle and after a first pass with the scythe, was invited over to Sandrine's where her birthday party was under way. By 10pm a thunderstorm had rolled in and I so headed for home.

This morning I was up early and headed straight to St Girons only to find out that everything was closed. I had forgotten it is a religious holiday in France today.

On returning home I pressed on with hanging pans, mortar work, door locks and latches, plumbing in and moving the washing machine, then lots of strimming to get the garden growth under control. Danni and Serge came over in the afternoon armed with 2 more strimmers and after 4 hours of all three us strimming the garden was looking under control.

I also managed to squeeze in a quick meeting with Justin at the Mairie in Aleu to discuss plans for the hog roast.

Now I'm making lists 'cos there's still loads to do and not enough time!

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