jeudi 27 septembre 2012

New Blogger interface absolute crap

Like most bloggers who use Google Blogger I am very unhappy. We have been forced to migrate to the new Blogger interface which is frankly a heap of shit. It's impossible to get decent equal margins around images, the interface is horribly clumsy and the amount of control is much reduced. I can usually modify the HTML to get what I want (very time consuming) but even this doesn't seem to work.

Google are also determined to try and get everyone on "Google+" which is another new, clunky and just downright irritating piece of lunacy.

Wordpress anyone? Heard Tumblr is worth a look too.

2 commentaires :

Andy a dit…

I'd definitely recommend Wordpress. I think you can migrate your existing posts over too. There's two types though - hosted version over at or your own which takes 30 secs to install on a hosting account like I have for mine.

I really like Wordpress and I think it's best for wordier type of blogs. It ranks well in Google too. I use Tumblr for but still prefer Wordpress for writing.

antonio a dit…

Hi Lee,

I would say Tumblr is a good option. I tried it and it's good.