vendredi 28 mars 2014

Trees, viruses and flowers

Back to France and warm balmy weather, although it had snowed the night before I arrived at Quelebu (traces of snow were still in the garden). 

The computer here had a virus which occupied most of last night and today (on and off) to eradicate. I had to reinstall windows and managed to get stuck in a loop where windows wouldn't let me log on until I'd registered my copy of XP, but I couldn't do this because I needed to log on to get on the internet. When I eventually solved this problem, I spent most the afternoon scanning the hard disks to get rid of the virus which had wrecked my PC.

Today I set to clearing more of the hung-up trees - brought three down and logged them. Also burnt 1 of 5 big piles of branches as well as starting to clear the area between the barn and the new field below which has been full of fallen trees and brambles since I moved here.

Still got these hung-up trees to bring down

Chainsaw problems this afternoon, but as always a damn good clean and some fiddling with the carburettor seems to have it working again.

Flowers are starting to come out - violets, cowslips, hepatica, vetch, lungwort and speedwell.

 Also made a start on the new paddle stair which will serve the attic and other assorted decks - need to get some wood tomorrow so more on that project then.

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