lundi 7 juillet 2014


The heavens opened last night (and most of today). The tarpaulin kept the rain out but the drumming of the heavy rain made for little sleep - even when I retreated to bedrooms in the new part of the house.

Today was all about fetching materials. Two trips to St Girons, the second in John and Sandrine's Peugeot Partner to get the 5m rafters - too long for my tiny Suzuki Jimny.

Poor photo but you can see the cut bars which hold down the thatch wired back to the battens, new rafter to insert under the cut battens when I get closer to the ridge.

As rain has halted thatch progress I've made a start on the desk/window seat/storage units in Jasper and ruby's bedrooms

Back in the UK, Susie found us a new house! Tomorrow is her driving test - good luck love xx

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