samedi 4 février 2017


Gale force winds from 3 am until 6.30 am, which kept me up most of the night. It was a first real wind test for the polytunnel with winds of 50mph or more. Glad to report no damage. Another storm on Sunday night will be even stronger, but fortunately the wind direction is NW and the tunnel should be more sheltered but it will bring more snow.

It's finally time to tile the floor of the gite, with the plumbing now finished. Some latex levelling is required before I can start, which I'll have to get on Monday. So today I built the raised beds....just need some top-soil now!

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GL a dit…

Enjoying the blog. I'm returning to the pyrenees this year for the third time after falling in love with the region two years. Do you know of anywhere in the Mont Valier region where my family and I can see marmots? I'm looking for somewhere that's relatively easy to reach as my youngest child can't manage big treks. All the best.

Lee Sharp a dit…

There aren't so many this far East (compared to the Central Pyrenees) at least not at lower altitudes. They introduced some a couple of years ago to Gerac (accessible in summer by a long piste from Guzet Neige) but I've not seen them, so I'm not sure if they were successful. The most accessible place I can think of to be sure of seeing them near Mont Valier, would be just on the Spanish side of the Port d'Aula. You can drive to the Col de Pause and then follow the red and white GR markers all the way to the col (it cuts out most of the corners of the piste though following that is possible - you can even do it on a bike). A feasible full day walk for youngsters with stunning views and the excitement of walking to another country! for the MArmots go a few hundred metres to the right from the col...burrows are everywhere, just be quiet and patient.

GL a dit…

Thanks Lee, I'll look into that area. Can't wait to get back to the pyrenees!